Business Skills


         Course #            Course Name                                Hours

  • BUSPT 101          Intro to Entrepreneurship                  3
  • MRKPT 110        Customer Service and Ethical Sales  2
  • CITPT 113           Office 2013 Basic (Computer Skills)  3
  • CITPT 212           Office 2013 Intermediate (computer)3
  • CITPT 121           Quickbooks Basic                             3
  • BUSPT 321         Financial Management                      3
  • MKTPT 140         Principles of Marketing                      3

                                       Total Skills 15 hours


General ProTech Education CORE


         Course #            Course Name                                 Hours

  • COMMPT 101     Communication for Entrepreneurs     3
  • MTHPT 130         Math for Business                              3
  • BUSPT 185          Human Relations  & Leadership        3

                                      Total CORE 9  hours

  Total Program Hours 27 Hours


The full series of courses are:

Summer School

Customer Service and Ethical Sales 2 hr


Block 1 (8 weeks)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship    3 hr

Office 2013 Basic                          3 hr


Block 2

Communication for Entrepreneurs   3 hr

Office 2013 Intermediate               3 hr


Block 3

Math for Business                           3 hr

Quickbooks Basic                           3 hr


Block 4

Principles of Marketing                   3 hr

Financial Management                    3 hr


Block 5

Human Relations & Leadership        3 hr

   McCall College’s Entrepreneurship Certificate is a 1 year program designed to equip the business person with skills in management, finance, operations, and personnel to enable them to thrive and prosper in the real world of business. Your professors will be qualified teachers and will have years of business experience to pass on to you. Our goal is to give you the tools to compete in today’s economy with competency and integrity.

The Business Entrepreneurship Certification builds competitive business-people, but recognizes a responsibility to the broader community in building the student as a whole person through broad-based education, scholarship, and service.

Prospective students must be admitted by McCall College. A Student Application Form is available on the website at Application.

The first course, BUSPT 101 “Introduction to Entrepreneurship,” is a prerequisite to the balance of the series of courses in Entrepreneurship (except BUSPT110).


Tuition is competitive (see Affordability). Textbooks may be purchased by the student at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or where they find the best value.


BUSPT 101 Course Introduction

This is an introductory course in the basics of understanding business and business principles and practices. Major topic areas include business trends, business ownership, business management, management of human resources, marketing, decision-making, information technology, and managing financial resources. Included in these topical areas, you will learn what it means to own your own business, act responsibly and ethically, manage and lead “human resources,” market your product(s)/service(s), use information technology, and manage finances.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students should meet the following objectives:

• Develop a basic frame of understanding of the concepts, language, and skills related to business

• Respect and appreciate ethical behavior in business

• Explain what is involved in starting, owning, and managing your own business

• Learn and grow through problem-solving case study activities related to real world business situations