Synchronous Day: Thursday


Starting: Jan 7th


Synchronous Time: 7 p.m. - 8:30 pm






ETHPT 5551 Bioethics and the Media


Course Description

This professional course examines bioethics issues through the lens of the media (Movies, television, print media, and internet).  Interdisciplinary perspectives will be encouraged. This course will assist the healthcare professional in using media tools in clinical settings. PREREQ: None


  1. ETH 1 Have developed a deepened awareness of how various media both inform and influence the public’s perspectives on bioethics issues
  2. ETH 2 Be conversant with the language and concepts of bioethics as they relate to human research and experimentation, concepts of personhood, end of life decision making, informed consent, and emerging technologies.
  3. ETH 3 Demonstrate the capacity to engage others with the vocabulary and concepts of bioethics when ethical dilemmas are discussed.
  4. ETH 4 As applicable for your discipline, demonstrate an ability to use media to enhance the learning of others in clinical settings where bioethical issues are discussed.