Synchronous Day: Thursday


Starting: Jan 7th


Synchronous Time: 7 p.m. - 8:30 pm






ETHPT 5581/2


Course Description

These 2 Professional courses explore fundamental themes, methods, and issues in religious bioethics. It seeks to determine the ways that religious approaches offer distinctive, complementary, or overlapping perspectives with secular approaches. Specific topics will include assisted reproductive technologies, family planning and abortion, genetic therapy and enhancement, withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment, suicide and euthanasia, and justice issues in the allocation of health care resources. The course will combine lectures and discussions with the analysis of cases.  PREREQ: None.


The successful student will:

1. ETH 1 Understand and explain one key area of a Religion that relates to one’s employment.

2. ETH 2 Demonstrate a basic understanding of the specific religious principles in conflict in the areas of medical ethics such as privacy, abortion, and reproduction

3. ETH 3 Recognize and identify the moral, religious, governmental, cultural, personal, and theological implications of issues related to the above subject areas;

4. ETH 4 Apply moral principles to religious issues of Bioethics, develop a personal ethical stance on a selected issue, and support that stance with clear thought and reasoning, as well as specific terms pertinent to the subject area;

5. ETH 5 Demonstrate capable religious analysis on one topic of concern and conversational ability when the student is faced with that moral challenge within the medical center, life, and death.