Chamberlain, Alex. M.Div., M.A. Clinical Bioethicist.

Gunther, Sheila.  R.N. Coordinator and Organizer of the Certified Nursing Department.

Jambura, John.  M.D. Adjunct Professor of Medical Ethics.  Philosophy and Ethics Dept.

Moore, R. Bruce. Ph.D. Registrar, Retired Dean.  Retired Instructor in Computer Science. Business and Computer Science Dept.  Ph.D., M.B.A., BA Social Science, Organizational Development, Finance;

Riechmann, Jeff.  Instructor in Fire and Industrial Science

Williams, Nettie K. Instructor in Fine Art.  Creative Arts and Languages Dept.

Art student, Point Loma Nazarene University

Williams, L. Bryan, Ph.D. President.  Adjunct Professor in Social and Bio Ethics.  Dean, Philosophy & Ethics Dept.

Ph.D. Religion and Social Ethics, M.A. Religion and Social Ethics, M.A. Theology (Biblical Studies and Theology), B.A. Biological Sciences


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