World Religions (REL) Costs



A community course is the lecture content only.


Lecture: $15.00.  Religion Course (4 lectures): $55.00.


Professional Technical

A professional technical course is the community lecture, access to iLearn Online platform, assignments, exams, and support services.


Course: $110.00 per hour.  Each Religion course is one hour.  (2 lecture hours per week for 4 weeks)


Ancient Religions Badge:

Pagan, Zoroastrian, Shamanism, Native American


Religions of India Badge:

Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism


Religions of the Book Badge:

Judaism, Christianity (Roman, Protestant, & Orthodox), Islam


Philosophies of China and Japan Badge:

Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto, Chinese Communism


Religions of America Badge:

History of Denominations

Badge: 4 hours @ $110.00 per hour = $440.00


Books: student should plan for $50.00 per course, $150.00 per badge, for books and supplies.


Travel: student should plan for $50.00 per course for travel to a  local religious setting.   Most trips will be in Idaho.  Longer trips will require additional expenses for the student.


McCall College does not receive Federal Financial Aid.  Students are required to pay in advance of services unless other arrangements have been made. Payment can be cash, check, debit, credit card, or purchase order.


McCall College Scholarships

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Institutional Support

Students are reminded to inquire about support from sponsoring institutions. The Department of Labor and the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation have sponsored qualified students with tuition, books, and equipment.  Please check with your local agency for opportunities.



Many organizations and foundations sponsor students with scholarships and grants. Search your area for opportunities.