School Closure Plan


In the event of a school closure, the following actions will be undertaken:

  • Notification within 30 days
    • all students, faculty, and staff
    • the Idaho State Board of Education
    • Notification to any licensing boards of all operating programs
    • Local newspapers and any media where students have been recruited.
  • Assistance for Students
    • the college will strive to only close if necessary at the end of a block.
    • student grades and records will be updated to the end of the block
    • student transcripts will be undated to the end of the last block
    • all transcripts will be updated to indicate the level of completion toward any program.
    • faculty and staff will be requested to continue offering any assistance possible to aid students in transitioning to new programs.
    • Student refunds will be according to the existing refund policy.  Students are always protected with the McCall College Surety Bond.
  • For bioethics students, McCall College is currently in conversations with another institution who is interested in a certificate of bioethics.  If that institution approves a bioethics certificate, students will be made aware of the status of transfer of hours.
  • Transcripts and academic records will be available for 7 years following closure at an email that is to be monitored by an official of the college.  Current assigned official email: